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Do You Need to Establish Paternity in a Family Law Case?

Paternity testPaternity is a legal issue that can arise between the unmarried parents of a child for several reasons. It may be sought to establish an unmarried father’s rights related to custody. It also may be sought by an unmarried mother seeking court-ordered child support from the child’s father. No matter where you stand on this issue, whether as a mother or father for whatever reasons, you can turn to Four Rivers Law Firm to help you navigate this issue through the courts.

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Establishing Paternity in Florida

In Florida, two avenues exist for establishing paternity.


  • You are married to the child’s mother when the child is born or
  • You file a Petition to Establish Paternity with the court

Only through the Establishment of Paternity through the court will you be granted fathers’ rights that can be enforced. These rights give you all of the responsibilities and privileges of parenthood, including custody rights as well as child support obligations.

If you and the child’s mother are in a dispute over the issue of paternity, a DNA test will generally be required to settle the matter. If you are in agreement over the issue, then a DNA test is not required and you can proceed by filing your petition. Mothers have the right to file a petition at any time after the birth of the child, as long as the child is a minor. Mothers who establish paternity have a legal right to request child support for the previous two years prior to the date the petition was filed.

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