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Child Custody Modifications

Child Custody Modification Lawyers in Tampa

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Child custody modifications that are legally valid and enforceable must be approved in court. They must also be based on a valid change in your circumstances. Family court judges will always rule in what they consider to be the best interests of the child.

If you and the child’s other parent approach such a modification with this basic rule in mind, you will have a much better chance of working out a new parenting plan that will be agreeable to the court.

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Modifying Child Custody in Florida

If you and your child’s other parent agree on making the necessary custody modification, then you can have it drafted and submitted to the court for approval. If you do not agree, you will have to start by petitioning the court. Your petition will have to identify a substantial change in your circumstances that was unanticipated when the original custody order was made.

Examples of a change in circumstances could include:

  • A parent loses a job
  • A parent gains a job
  • Other unforeseen financial changes for a parent
  • A child’s needs change
  • A child’s wishes change (when the child is old enough to make a rational decision)
  • Illness or injury of a parent or a child
  • A parent dies
  • Drug or alcohol addiction on the part of a parent
  • Family abuse by a parent
  • A parent’s felony conviction
  • A parent needs to relocate due to employment or for other valid reasons

Legal Guidance at Four Rivers Law Firm

People and their circumstances change constantly in life. Such changes can make an existing agreement unworkable. Fortunately, the state of Florida provides a way for you to make valid changes to custody. If you need help negotiating a new agreement, backing up a proposed petition, drafting and filing the paperwork, or arguing your case before a judge, a family law attorney at our firm offers capable, caring, and responsive help.

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