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Alternative Dispute Resolution (Mediation)

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Couple during dispute resolutionDisputes are a constant in human life, occurring in all types of ways between people and groups. Any relationship, whether it involves a business, family, neighbors, or otherwise can give rise to disagreements. When the matter of such a dispute is subject to public policy and law, it often leads to litigation where the courts will render a decision. That can be a time-consuming, expensive, and very public way to resolve the issue. Before a dispute reaches that last resort, however, alternative dispute resolution methods can be applied.

If you are involved in a dispute with another party and need a more amicable and cost-effective way to resolve it, we recommend that you turn to Four Rivers Law Firm. Our firm’s overriding mission is to provide competent legal services that are affordable and efficient without sacrificing quality. Our legal team includes attorneys with a diverse background in business, various fields of law, software technology, and more. With decades of combined experience, we bring a level of understanding and creativeness that can work to your benefit in the dispute resolution process.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) has become more popular as a route to solving all types of legal disputes, including divorce actions, business disputes, real estate disputes, personal injury claims, and more.

The methods can include:

  • Mediation, where both sides collaborate with the help and oversight of a neutral mediator to come to a mutual agreement that is typically non-binding
  • Negotiation, where a negotiator works with both sides who may not be on collaborative terms to work out an agreement which then may either be binding or nonbinding
  • Arbitration, where an impartial arbitrator hears both sides, similar to an informal trial, and renders his or her decision that may or may not be legally binding, depending on the circumstances

Having an attorney handling your dispute through ADR is advantageous due to the fact he or she will have a thorough understanding of the laws involved and the legal ramifications of your decisions. An attorney can also draft any agreement to be submitted to a court for approval for those matters that need to be legally binding.

Four Rivers Law Firm is here to help you resolve your dispute through honed negotiation and legal skills that are central to the ADR process. Save time, money, stress, and the formality of court. With the help of our creative and problem-solving skills, you can get started on resolving your dispute today.

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