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The Philadelphia mergers and acquisitions attorneys at Four Rivers Law Firm are uniquely positioned to help clients acquire a new business or diversify their existing offerings. Our attorneys make finalizing a merger or acquisition an expeditious a process as possible, and our team works hard to help clients avoid pitfalls and delays. As a firm with many years of business law experience, we know the questions and difficulties companies must contend with that would require a Philadelphia mergers and acquisitions attorney. Our firm's merger and acquisition attorneys also provide clients with access to well-developed and intelligent solutions. We take pride in our laudable reputation of taking our client’s most complex challenges and finding options to help them meet their business goals. Call (813) 331-5056 to discuss scheduling a consultation with the Philadelphia mergers and acquisition attorneys at Four Rivers Law Firm.

What Happens in a Merger?

When two companies of similar sizes and scopes unite under the same umbrella to work together as one company, it’s called a merger. Once the course is set for the merger to happen, the stocks of both individual companies are liquidated, and new stock reflecting the unified company is issued. Each board of directors and its shareholders must approve the merger to move a merger forward. 

What Happens in an Acquisition?

When a company takes over another company, one taking an ownership position, it’s called an acquisition. For an acquisition to take place without it being considered a takeover, the company being acquired must permit the acquiring entity. Once an acquired company is absorbed into the purchasing company, all its stocks and business identity cease to exist, but it’s not uncommon for the acquired company to continue operating as it did when it was separate. 

Philadelphia Mergers & Acquisitions Attorneys

At Four Rivers Law Firm, we have experience representing companies on both sides of a merger or acquisition. Whether your company is the acquirer or the target, we have an extensive background working in a wide range of situations, including: 

  • Spin-offs & Share Exchanges 
  • Stock & Asset Purchases 
  • Forward & Reverse Triangular Mergers 
  • Tax Free Reorganizations & Recapitalizations 

Our attorneys help clients plan and strategize before an acquisition or merger to ensure every stress point or potential issue has been considered. Possible hurdles and compliance issues, like federal and state regulation challenges, can lead to the failure of even the most well-planned merger or acquisition. Call the Philadelphia mergers and acquisition attorneys at Four Rivers Law Firm at (813) 331-5056 to schedule a consultation today.

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