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Contracts are a normal part of life in our expansive marketplace and dynamic economic reality as Americans. If you’re exploring what is and is not a contract or falls within the definition of a contract, you likely imagine stacks of paper with signature lines. The reality is much more dynamic! Contract law has become expansive in our digital world and includes much more than the traditional pen and paper legally binding documents of the past. For a contract to exist in the legal arena, it needs an offer to be accepted and considered legally binding. Whether you need a contract for individual or business reasons, the Philadelphia contract law attorneys at Four Rivers Law Firm can help you. Our attorneys will work with you to create legally sound documents to meet your goals. We also provide legal representation for clients seeking to file a civil suit to fight a breach of contract or an illegal document you signed. 

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What are the Elements of a Binding Contract? 

There are specific requirements needed to meet the standard of a binding contract. Whether you’re creating a contract or reviewing a document before signing, you should be looking for the following elements: 

  • Offer: A contract should include a clearly defined statement dictating a willingness to be governed by the terms of the agreement. The lack of a serious offer with clearly defined terms and conditions can render a contract void. Also, its legal status could be questioned if the contract is left open-ended without a clearly defined beginning, middle, and end. 
  • Acceptance: If the contract terms are accepted, then the contract becomes a legal instrument. The accepting party must agree to the terms and conditions while the offer is open. If the offering party wants to change the terms or conditions of the contract, those changes must be in writing and incorporated into a new contract.
  • Consideration: A contract needs an element of value at its center to be legally considered. 

Breaches of Contract

Once you’ve created a legally binding contract, that doesn’t mean it won’t be tested. If you have a contract that has been broken and you want to sue for breach of contract, our Philadelphia contract law attorneys can file a suit in civil court on your behalf. We have experience working with individual filers and business owners, so you can rest assured knowing our team will work hard to help you meet your legal goals. 

Philadelphia Contract Law Attorneys at Four Rivers Law Firm

The attorneys at Four Rivers Law Firm have experience working with clients to create contracts, fight breaches of contracts, and support your legal goals. When working with our legal team, you can expect a modern firm using the latest technology and communication, and you can expect hard work at Real reasonable flat fees on every case. 

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