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Aviation and maritime law cover all of the legal issues pertaining to airline flight and nautical transport across seas and oceans. If you have a legal issue or dispute involving any aspect of these two broad fields of law, Four Rivers Law Firm offers competent and quality legal assistance or representation. Our firm prides itself on our innovative and cost-effective approach to handling legal problems that arise for our aviation and maritime clients.

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Aviation Law

The laws related to aircraft, airports, and their operation fall under mainly federal aviation law. The regulations and standards for air travel are generally overseen by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) while passenger safety is monitored by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration). Many issues can arise out of any aspect of airline travel, whether commercial or private, leading to the need for legal assistance by a qualified attorney.

Our firm handles a wide variety of aviation matters, including:

  • Aviation transactions, such as contract negotiations for aircraft purchase or sale, leasing, purchase of block time, etc.
  • Financing and loan securitization
  • Aircraft registration
  • Aircraft sales and use tax
  • Disputes and litigation
  • Fuel agreements

Maritime Law

General maritime law is also referred to as admiralty law which governs the activities and interactions that occur on ships traveling across international waters. Additionally, national laws exist that govern how these activities may occur in or near a country’s waters. General admiralty law may involve laws, conventions, and treaties that have to do with ships, cargo, passengers, seamen, contracts, insurance clams, piracy, and more. Like aviation law, maritime law in the United States is mostly a federal matter.

Maritime lawyers handle a variety of matters in this field of law, including:

  • The Jones Act/seamen injuries
  • Passenger accidents or injuries onboard cruise ships
  • Other boating injury claims
  • Yacht sales and leases
  • Documentation and registration of vessels
  • The Longshoremen and Harbor Workers Act
  • Personal watercraft issues and laws
  • Scuba and diving issues and laws
  • And more

Whatever your aviation or maritime legal issue may be, Four Rivers Law Firm can help. The laws and rules that govern aviation and maritime issues can be complex and difficult to navigate, which is why we recommend that you turn to one of our capable Tampa aviation & maritime lawyers. We provide cost-effective legal service where your case will always be handled directly by an attorney.

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