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Trademark Fee Calculator

Trademark Fee Calculator

The table below shows high level costs for a trademark application. The actual cost of your trademark will depend on a number of factors including whether you want to file for a single category, or multiple. In many cases a good application will get approved without office action or opposition. This is not always the case. The costs for office action responses and opposition responses is shown below.

New Application

Task or Item Attorney Fee USPTO Cost Your Total Cost
Trademark search and opinion letter $475 NA $475
Application and Filing for Single Class $750 $225 TEAS Plus $975
Each Additional Class (optional) $250 $225 TEAS Plus $475
Response to Office Actions $250 hr NA $250 hr
Estimated Total (single class) $1450

Post Application Costs

After you obtain your trademark you may need to file a "Statement of Use" if you did not include one in your original application. You will also need to file a Section 8 Declaration of Use at 5 years, 10 years, and each succesive 10 year period thereafter. Finally, after 5 years of continuous use you may also file a Section 15 Declaration of Incontestability, which affords your mark the highest status of trademark protection and protects against most legal challenges to your mark. Most of the time the Section 8 and 15 affadavits are filed together 5 years after initial registration.

Task or Item Attorney Fee USPTO Cost Your Total Cost
Combined Section 8 and 15 Statement of Use Affadavits $375 $300 per class $675 (single class)
Section 8 Statement of Use Affadavit $275 $100 per class $375 (single class)
Section 15 Declaration of Incontestability $375 $200 per class $575 (single class)

Monitoring and Enforcement

You will also want to continuously monitor other applications to make sure your mark is not being diluted or infringed by competitors. We offer varying packages for monitoring and enforcement of rights. This service is provided after consultation only. Contact our firm today!

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