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Practice Areas

Business Services

Formation, Contracts, Venture Funding

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Intellectual Property

Authors, Software Entrepeneurs, Entertainers

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Aviation & Maritime

Plane contracts, Fuel Agreements, Maritime Issues

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Real Estate & Construction

Sales, Contracts, Title Services, Litigation

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Estate Planning

Trusts, Complex Wills, Probate

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Family Law

Divorce, Child Support

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Why Hire Our Firm?

Four Rivers Law Firm is a modern firm for modern problems. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by being more human, more tech savvy, more flexible, and more available than other attorneys.

Modern Technology and Communication

We are not an old, established law firm. This might seem like a weakness, but for us it is a strength, since we have built our practice from the ground up using propietarty information management and software technology.

Real Attorneys Every Time

Everytime you communicate with our firm you will be speaking with a real attorney, and will be given the cell phone number of your attorney who is on call for you, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Flat Fees, Custom Rates

Except in some cases, we do not charge you hourly. This means you can speak with your attorney as much as you want. All fees and costs are known to you before you sign with us.

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Fast and Effective Representation Call Now

Fast and Effective Representation Call Now